Notes on the use of the archive's materials



After an initial written enquiry (by email or post), the TUM Archives are available to you for both academic research and family history research.

When you first contact us, please be as specific as possible about your research topic so that we can check our holdings with regard to your request.

Please note that for legal reasons we can only process your enquiry if we have your full postal address.

Registration and archive visit

If you are planning a visit to our archives, please register in writing and arrange an appointment in advance. In addition, we ask you to fill out a user application form and to pay attention to the user regulations.


We can make reproductions from our archive materials for a fee and grant publication rights. The use of your own camera is also possible after consultation and completion of the appropriate application.


The offices and the user reading room (room 0237) are located in the Bestelmeyerbau Süd (ground floor) on the main campus of the TUM. Accessible via "Entrance 2" under the arcades in Arcisstraße (approx. 50 m south of the main entrance to TUM) or via "Entrance 3" in Gabelsbergerstraße.


Important Notice

The archival records may sometimes be subject to legally regulated retention periods. In this case, they are excluded from use.